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He roared with laughter, unable to control himself. After which, he said, in a tone of earnest conviction:

Then followed a long silence that he dared not break, whilst the agitation of the young girl caused him a feeling of genuine regret. Quietly, without a word, he turned away, thinking: “I hope she will go away. I can’t endure her presence.” But the young girl suddenly spoke, and stammered:

Morna's fine eyes were filled with tears; the sight of them put out the flame that had leapt for once from stolid Hugh, and he took her hand in his own great soothing grasp.

I tried to wrest the revolver from him.

"I think they do bear on it very directly. I thought so while Mr. Britton was making his very illuminating remarks."

1.“You and I will take her to her friends, or wherever she wants to go.”

2.“But that day may be too late.”

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“Oh! oh! not quite so fast! You would rob me of all my secrets; expose all my little tricks. That is a very serious matter.”

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“My dear fellow,” said he, “Holmes, with all his wisdom, did not foresee some things which have happened since I have been on the moor. You understand me? I am sure that you are the last man in the world who would wish to be a spoil-sport. I must go out alone.”